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Administrative Progress Management

It is crucial for the investments to acheive feasible and profitable results. Follow-up, research and monitoring of related laws and regulations (EMRA) in Energy Markets take greate importance for this achievement. With the experienced team of Akil Energy conducts processes of "management of ministry admissions" in a coordinated manner by identifying the necessary permits.

Scope of Administrative Processes includes;

  • Preparation of tender documents,

  • Preparation of technical specifications,

  • Follow-up and preparation of permits for acceptance,

    • Completion of Permissions and Documents list,

    • Making all needed preparations for obtaining Energy Production License,

    • Obtaining the grid connection agreement,

    • Preparation and approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report,

    • Obtaining of forest permits,

    • Obtaining Zoning suitability permit,

    • Approval of the Technical Interaction Analysis,

    • Obtaining MIGEM approval,

    • Obtaining of Radar (Civil Aviation) approval,

    • Confirmation of constraint areas (sites, historic areas)

    • Acquisition of Town Planning Conformity,

  • After the completion of the project, organizing the ministry admission team,

  • The preparation and submission of required project modifications.

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