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Blade Inspection and Repair

After some years of service of a wind power plant, energy productivity starts go down slightly. One of the reason of this is the erosion formations on rotor blade. The erosion is dependent upon the environmental conditions at the turbine location such as rain, icing, dirt/dust, insects, salt crystals, humidity/moisture, and temperature fluctuations/extremes. Ligthening and storm damages are most common blade damaging factor among above. 
Our experienced blade team (having rope access certificates) repair all kind of damages caused by in time. Moreover, we offer detailed inspections services that help to identify the problem beforehand.

Scope of Blade Inspection and Repair service includes;

  • End of Warranty Inspections,

  • Regularly scheduled inspections every 1 or 2 years,

  • Measurements on receptors and lightening systems,

  • Low category damage repairs like erosion, cracks, chips, coat wear,

  • High category damage repairs like delaminations, disbonds, lightening damage, and structural issues,

  • Blade painting, cleaning,

  • Other composite material repairs like nacelle.

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