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Administrative Progress Management

It is crucial for the investments to acheive feasible and profitable results. Follow-up, research and monitoring of related laws and regulations (EMRA) in Energy Markets take greate importance for this achievement. With the experienced team of Akil Energy conducts processes of "management of ministry admissions" in a coordinated manner by identifying the necessary permits.

Contract Management


It is curicial to be avair of the project costs and the risks of the project at the begining in energy projects. It is possible with a detailed and systematic study of the experience team to reduce these risks and costs during the contract management phase.

Site Management


Our engineers manage the site in terms of quality, time schedule, costs based issues. We give full managerial and engineering supports to the Project Manager/Construction managers.

Health and Safety Management


In energy projects, we try to minimize the risk of accidents and health risks by identifying and analysing possible risks. Akil Energy meets the commitment to health, safety and environmental policies, and keeps developing with experienced engineer.

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