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Tower Internal Equipments Service

In all power plants there are mechanical and electrical components, according to Turkish regulations yearly inspections are obligatory. In addition, various maintenance and control procedures are required for the manufacturers' procedures. Certificates of various parts are needed according to the legislation in conducting these checks. With our experienced team having many equipment certificates, these controls and maintenance are carried out in the safest way.

Blade Inspection and Repair


After some years of service of a wind power plant, energy productivity starts go down slightly. One of the reason of this is the erosion formations on rotor blade. Our experienced blade team (having rope access certificates) repair all kind of damages caused by in time. Moreover, we offer detailed inspections services that help to identify the problem beforehand.

Spare Parts & Material Procurement


The Quality Management procedures that we apply with our experienced staff and technicians who can recognize and use all kinds of equipment in the wind and solar energy fields to ensure that we can always supply good quality products. In the supply of spare parts and materials; fast, efficient and complete service; ensures longer lifetime fore an equipment and maintains maximum performance.

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