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Spare Parts and Material Procurement

It is important for the wind and solar power plants that the maintenance and repair activities carried out at the necessary points that are recorded on the system so that maintenance and repair management can be carried out in an effective manner. 
The Quality Management procedures that we apply with our experienced staff and technicians who can recognize and use all kinds of equipment in the wind and solar energy fields to ensure that we can always supply good quality products. In the supply of spare parts and materials; fast, efficient and complete service; ensures longer lifetime fore an equipment and maintains maximum performance.

Scope of Spare Parts and Materials Procurement service includes;

  • Contract management,

  • Creation of supply chain,

  • Obtaining the necessary certifications of supplied products,

  • Determination of defective material in field services,

  • Keep stock of frequently used products,

  • Customs clearance procedures,

  • Stock management,

  • To meet the spare parts requests from customers,

  • Ordering and procurement,

  • Packaging, storage and transportation,

  • Repair and spare part applications.

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