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Tower Internal Equipments Service

In all power plants there are mechanical and electrical components, according to Turkish regulations yearly inspections are obligatory. In addition, various maintenance and control procedures are required for the manufacturers' procedures. Certificates of various parts are needed according to the legislation in conducting these checks. With our experienced team having many equipment certificates, these controls and maintenance are carried out in the safest way.

Scope of Tower Internal Equipments service includes;

  • Service Lift inspections and repairs; cabin control functional controls, connection points for platforms and beams, Wire rope control, corner crack repair, mechanical and electrical malfunction, defected switches and stop plate damage,

  • Service Lift Drive Component inspection, maintenance and repair; overhaul maintenance of the components, Funcional and overload tests,

  • Ladder and Fall Arrest System inspection and repair;  segment connections controls, rest point platform checks, arrester system connections and end stop check, module exchange, ladder steps deformation repair, fall arrest system module deformation repair,

  • Chain Hoist and hand chain hoist; electrical components and functional control, conditional control, load/overload tests, frame of chain hoist control,

  • Conditional control on rescue kits, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers.

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